PROJECTS & Solutions

Grants, loans, land and expertise.


Seeking Answers with TCH

Our challenges are unique, but solutions abound. We are looking at programs throughout the country as potential models. We are tracking research and news, and networking with other communities and organizations. And we are looking closely with our regional partners to craft results.



TCH’s Housing Opportunity Fund

Renters and buyers in our community are challenged not only in securing affordable housing, but also financing it. TCH has established the Housing Opportunity Fund to provide grant and loan support to qualified individuals to defray the costs of obtaining housing and moving – for both buyers and renters.



Land Banking with TCH

Land available for affordable housing in the Telluride region is limited. TCH will purchase land or work with landowners on property donations. TCH can nimbly and creatively acquire land and bank it for future projects. Similar techniques have successfully been used to preserve land for open space in the Telluride region.