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The Most Treasured Aspect of Our Community is Our Neighborhood

The trust for community housing is preserving our community through increased regional housing opportunities.


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The Impacts of Affordable Housing on the Telluride Area Economy and Community


Imagine a town without locals!




The Trust for Community Housing is working in partnership to create more housing in the Telluride Region.


Our mission

TCH preserves our community through increasing regional housing opportunities. Through collaboration with others, the non-profit Trust expands resources available for housing, helping to secure a diverse and vital community.


Who we are

TCH is a grassroots non-profit (501-c-3) organization supported by both full and part time residents who treasure what makes this place unique.


What we do & why

TCH is a unique non-profit dedicated to increasing housing in the region. Because donations are tax-deductible, TCH brings more resources and solutions to the puzzle.


Latest news

Trust for Community Housing Works to Increase Affordable Housing in Telluride Region. Read our blog to stay up-to-date on the progress of our initiative.



Grants, Research & Expertise.



TCH will help the region examine housing issues by providing data, expertise and technical information to the discussion. Through networking with others working on housing, we will provide better understanding and move solutions forward.



Opportunity Fund

Renters and buyers in our community are challenged not only in securing affordable housing, but also financing it. TCH has established the Housing Opportunity Fund to provide grant and loan support to qualified individuals to defray the costs of obtaining housing and moving – for both buyers and renters.



TCH is the go-to regional source for affordable housing information and resources. With our national network of housing information and experts, TCH provides specific solutions to the community that inform discussion and help solve problems. We collaborate with others locally – governments, non-profits, businesses - to address housing issues.




How You Can Join Us.

There are a variety of ways to help the Trust: we need your ideas, input, and expertise. Donations (both large and small) are essential to our success.


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