Overview and Guidelines

The Trust for Community Housing believes the cultural, social and economic strengths of our community are threatened by a lack of affordable housing for those who desire to work and live in the region. TCH is a grass-roots organization working to increase access to affordable workforce housing.

TCH’s Housing Opportunity Fund is a new program that provides grants for qualified buyers and renters moving into housing they’ve obtained. These grants are intended to lend a hand in the form of financial support for those ‘last mile’ housing acquisition costs: down payment or closing costs for buyers, or first/last month rent or moving expenses for renters.


To qualify for the TCH Opportunity Fund, applicants must first meet the income and employment requirements for deed-restricted housing in the jurisdiction in which their new home (rental is purchase) is located by submitting an application to the appropriate jurisdiction (either Town of Telluride, Mountain Village or San Miguel County). Note, however, that applicants can apply for a Housing Opportunity Fund grant even if their unit/home is not deed-restricted, as long as they meet the requirements.

TCH will provide assistance of up to $2500 for qualified workers who are purchasing a housing unit. The housing does not need to be deed-restricted, but the purchaser must meet the requirements for employee eligibility for the jurisdiction in which the unit is located. Specifically:

  • An applicant must meet the qualifications of the jurisdiction in which the home/unit is located: Telluride, Mountain Village, or unincorporated San Miguel County. If the unit is not within one of these locations, the applicant must document employment within the boundaries of the Telluride R-1 School district for at least the past 12 months, with a minimum of 1400 hours worked, and/or the applicant must be able to show secured future employment at an equal rate.

  • Neither applicants nor co-applicants can currently own improved residential property within the boundaries of the Telluride R-1 School District.

  • All applicants must be qualified by the San Miguel Regional Housing Authority (“SMRHA”) to ensure they meet the above requirements.  Please review and fill out all required SMRHA forms, including application, as well as a description of application fees, and all other requirements and return to both TCH and SMRHA. (Note: Lawful Presence Affidavit not required if the unit is not part of a government-sponsored project).  SMRHA applications are available online at: 


Email amy@trustforcommunityhousing.org or call 970-708-7678.

Housing Opportunity Fund grants are made possible by the generous donations of neighbors in the Telluride region. Since its inception in late Fall of 2018, TCH has received contributions to this fund from 61 families, individuals, local businesses, as well as a several foundations.