ABOUT US / Staff & board

What We Do & Why


What We Believe:

We believe the housing shortage poses a threat to our community

We believe creative solutions and proven models exist

We believe in partnerships and collaboration

We believe in full community involvement

We believe we can retain the diversity and character of our region and increase housing options

Who We Are:

TCH is a grassroots non-profit (501-c-3) organization supported by diverse community members. Our support comes from a broad spectrum of full and part time residents who treasure what makes our shared home unique.

Our Mission:

TCH preserves our community through increasing regional housing opportunities. Through collaboration with others, the non-profit Trust expands resources available for housing, helping to secure a diverse and vital community.


How We Work:

TCH works to increase housing in the Telluride region. Working on its own programs and through partnership with local governments and businesses, TCH enables more housing to be created. TCH is unique because it the only non-profit dedicated to housing in the region. Our non-profit status can bring more resources and solutions to the puzzle.

Please join us! We need your ideas, input, expertise and donations (large and small). Sign up for our newsletter and tell us your story. If you have ideas or questions, call us at (970) 708-7678.